It Came From Venus slot

Slot Machine Review: It Came From Venus

About game

One summer morning, Skeeter, an Iowa farmer, was quietly trying to harvest his corn when his attention was drawn to a glowing object in the sky moving at speed towards his farm. Panicked, the farmer had just enough time to hide behind one of the walls of the building to escape the impact. What was the man’s surprise to discover a few seconds later, a giant carnivorous plant with human teeth and long vines on his farm! One thing is certain for Sketter, this plant species is not from planet earth! However, it could be very lucrative for the farmer who intends to cash in. It cames Venus™ is a 3D slot machine developed by the famous online gambling publisher Betsoft. As usual, the developer pulled ingenuity to develop an ultra-i-Slot original graphics of unparalleled quality. To allow you to discover in detail the various features of It cames Venus ™, we have prepared this comprehensive review. Good reading!

The best thing about it

  • A very original and crazy theme.
  • The graphics and animation are mind-blowing.
  • It’s a progressive jackpot slot machine.

The worst thing about it

  • Difficult to land big wins.

Technical Features

It cames Venus™ is an online slot machine with 5 reels and 30 paylines up to multiply your ideal winning ratios. What you’ll enjoy this slot from $0.02 to make and up to $75 bet per spin. Plus, if you want to get record winnings during your gaming sessions, It cames Venus™ is the perfect i-slot. In fact, the game not only offers a fixed prize of $12,500, but also a progressive jackpot that often reaches extremely juicy figures. To win, you have to collect five stamps with the carnivorous plant image on their reels.

As usual, Betsoft has commissioned to develop a 3D graphic realism by clicking on the slot machine It cames Venus ™. Indeed, the game screen and the characters of Skeeter and exotic plants are brought to life through their games and are sure to entertain with their many antics. The soundtrack and animations present in this slot machine can also make you enjoy the best of the rustic atmosphere that is meant to be portrayed in this game, a 10 for Betsoft!

Game details

  • Reels – 5.
  • Paylines – 25.
  • Progressive – 30.
  • Max jackpot – 25000.
  • Max cash jackpot – 12,500.
  • Max playable chips – 150.
  • Wild Symbol – YES.
  • Multiplier – YES.
  • Scatter Symbol – YES.
  • Free Spins – YES.
  • Betting Range – $0.02-75.
  • Bets in chips – $0.02-$0.50.
  • Chips per line – 5.
  • Bonus Game – YES.

Bonuses and Payouts

The slot machine It cames Venus ™ has a lot of bonuses to help you win even more prizes. In fact it enjoys multiplier, free spins, wild bonus and Scatter have agreed to come together in this game to the delight of your increasing your bankroll. First of all, you can receive a free spins bonus with the “Feed me free spins”. To do this, you will come across 5 times the symbol bearing the image of the bag of corn on the slot machine in the centre of the reel. It came from Venus™ also has a wild bonus that will appear randomly on reels 2 and 4 of the machine and will offer you a complete winning combination, substituting for other symbols in the game. The wild bonus will also increase the amount of your winnings by up to 4x. So try to enjoy it as it should be. The Scatter It cames Venus™ bonus is, meanwhile, represented by the sign in the middle of the field. If you manage to make it appear on its reels, you have the jackpot in your pocket assured. In fact, this symbol can win you up to 750 credits in a round. To complete this long list of bonus features, Betsoft has endowed this slot with a “Save the planet” bonus game in which you will be able to unlock, and play, by getting the helicopter sticker at least three times on the reels. In this bonus game, you have to help the farmer Skeeter to select the box in which he locked his prized plant… If you succeed, the winnings drop by thousands.

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