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The three best sports betting strategies

While some sports lovers bet on their favourite teams solely for the unique excitement, others tend to focus solely on generating revenue. Strategies are many and some can be quite profitable in the long run. 

Betting on the favourite

Betting on the favourite is by far the most common sports betting strategy and for good reason. It goes without saying that the better team will also win most of the games. Although players with favourite bets are very often right, this strategy also has an obvious disadvantage: the betting odds are almost always extremely low. Therefore, it is worthwhile to compare the odds with the probability of winning before filling out the betting slip to see whether the bet is really worthwhile.

Betting on a draw

If a player bets on a draw, he or she can look forward to an extremely juicy and attractive prize in the event of a tie. Almost all betting providers set above-average odds for these match results, which are sure to leave no sports fan cold. At the same time, high odds are also synonymous with high risk and a draw is certainly not easy to guess. However, if you do thorough research and analyse the teams’ previous matches in detail, you may be able to really cash in with bets on a draw.

System bets

Those who do not play with large stakes often have to take a combination bet in order to have a chance of making a considerable profit. Ordinary combined bets are extremely risky, however, so more and more sports fans are opting for system bets. This way you can still look forward to a profit even if you have not correctly predicted a match on the betting slip. The more games you have placed on the system bet, the greater the potential profit.

Surebets explained simply

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to hear that sports fans earn their living with sports betting. Of course, this is not possible without a well thought-out and carefully selected strategy in the dynamic world of sports betting. One strategy with which you can make a profit with absolute certainty is the so-called Surebet.

What are Surebets?

Surebets are sports bets where you cannot go wrong. Different betting providers offer their players different betting odds, which often also differ significantly. A Surebet is a bet placed with two or more bookmakers on an opposite outcome. As a result, the player is certain to win at one bookmaker, thus offsetting the loss at the other and making a sure profit.

Surebets, however, also have the major disadvantage that they are very difficult to find. Sometimes even three bets have to be played at three different bookmakers. It is also not uncommon for the odds to change before the betting slip is placed and you have to start looking again. Players who opt for this strategy have to register with numerous online casinos or betting providers and put a lot of effort into the search.

How much can you win with Surebets?

How much you ultimately win depends solely on the stake. In most cases, the winnings range between 0.5 and 4.5 percent. At first glance, this doesn’t sound like much, but if you bet 1,000 euros on each result, you can look forward to an attractive sum. One should not forget that Surebets are bets that you simply cannot miss. Betting providers are of course well informed about surebets and always keep a close eye on their odds. Should a bookmaker realise that a player is only targeting surebets, it is quite possible that his betting slip will be cancelled and his player account blocked.

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