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Are the new casino slot machine games worth playing?

Is it more profitable to play a newly launched slot machine with real money? Or is it better to wait until the players “roll them” and the developers correct the errors (if any)? What formula should be used to evaluate a new game and how to understand its profitability? Is it worth playing new casino games? It is these issues that we will discuss in this article.

How to understand if a new casino game is profitable?

NetEnt announces the launch of a new game in advance. Usually, in just a few months, players know the name, have seen screenshots of the gameplay, watched a promotional video and have a detailed description of the future video slot. How can one understand how profitable the new game is and whether it is worth playing it for real money on the day of the launch?

Steps to determine a profitable video slot

  • To start, try to play a few cycles (100 to 150 spins) in free mode. Be sure to change the total bet: the value and the number of coins. So, for example, a 10 coin bet with a value of £0.01 will be matched if a 2 coin bet of £0.05 is made. The game can behave completely differently.
  • Discover the video slot return, it is indicated on the page of free casino games on our site. The higher the percentage of return (RTP), the more profitable the remote video game machine will be (i.e. on a large number of games). It is important to understand: to get a positive mathematical expectation of a prize, you should choose games with a return (percentage of RTP return) higher than 97% or more.
  • In the demonstration game, determine the hidden parameters of the new slot machine (variance and cycle time). Explore the hidden data of the slot, review the pages: volatility, probability of additional functions, review and recommendations of the tester.
  • If it is a new slot machine with a progressive jackpot, we recommend omitting it. The payout percentage on such a game will be significantly lower, and the chance of winning the Netent progressive jackpot will tend to be zero.
  • After performing these indicated actions, you will know what total bet (value and amount of coins) is best to play, whether or not it is worth getting the mathematical expectation in plus on this slot machine and whether or not you have to play it at all.


In general, all new Netent games have similar “sores” that can be diagnosed quite easily. In this case, you can save a substantial amount of money.

A new game just launched in online casinos does not have positive statistics. The random number generator will make the appropriate adjustments, counting that the video slot plays to zero (it is cold). And the established negative mathematical expectation will not give the players a chance for a big prize, for this the video slot balance must be positive.

On the other hand, the developer will want to attract people to the new game machine and allow the first players to win large sums. But don’t forget that the main task of the new slot machines is to “hide”.

Often, new casino games have a longer cycle for the bets made by the players. That is, the money will remain in the balance of the video machine, forming a fund for a big prize. All players in this period will be deprived of a real chance to win a large amount, or the win will be significantly lower.

A new game simply cannot be set up. Generally speaking, the game is in beta testing during the first few days. The probability of failure or erroneous accumulation of the prize is significantly higher than in already “rolled” slot machines. As you will recall, any failure in the gaming machine cancels all winnings.


We recommend that the Netent party be omitted from new games in the first 4-7 weeks after their launch. Therefore, real money will be saved, while the game collects statistics and accumulates funds for the payment of prizes. If you can’t wait to experience the new game, be sure to test the selected game machine in free mode.

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